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Ideas for Leaders Merryn Rutledge, Ed. D.,
Principal, ReVisions LLC
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A Client Says

Merryn’s “expertise, her kind, gentle guidance, and her keen intuition allowed her to help me make some very difficult and key decisions ... that led to a total turnaround of the agency. ... I would highly recommend Merryn to anyone in a leadership position who needs to make monumental transformational change."

New Resources

"[W]hen Google examined what employees valued most in a manager, technical expertise ranked last among eight qualities. Deemed more crucial were attributes like staying even-keeled, asking good questions, taking time to meet with people and caring about employees’ careers and lives." 2011/09/04/jobs/ 04pre.html

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Center for Leadership

Check out the Center for Leadership and Innovation, with many career boosters like Merryn's seminar in strategic leadership. for-leadership-and-innovation


Merryn photoThink for a minute about how your leadership is influenced by things like your organization's character and strategy, relationships with colleagues and stakeholders, and the vagaries of the economy.  So you know from experience how context influences the way you lead. 

This is why it is good to choose a leadership coach who understands organizational systems. A coach who is savvy about systems and relational dynamics is likely to be a better problem-solving partner in at least three ways:

  • Listening 
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Sharing perspectives that open doors to your growth.

Gerry had been Executive Director for a dozen years and was feeling stuck.  As we explored this stuck place, I used my organizational development expertise as I asked questions about how organizational pressure points and staff interactions influenced Gerry’s situation.  As we worked together, Gerry discovered new ways he could invigorate his organization, and he found new energy and commitment.

Katy was a new CEO who wanted to figure out how to help her strife-filled organization and lessen her own stress.  My expertise in managing change and in CEO transitions helped both Katy and me “hear” what was happening for her.  One by one, Katy sorted out and calmly worked on each organizational, group and interpersonal issue.  Comparing Katy’s experience with what new CEOs typically go through helped Katy learn to use her unique gifts to lead.

When you look for a coach, use this checklist as you interview coaches and explore websites:

  • Where is evidence of working with interpersonal, group and organizational dynamics?
  • Who has business savvy?
  • Who knows a variety of frameworks for leading?
  • Who uses various ways to do team and organizational development?
  • What leadership and team assessment tools do they use?
  • Do they have deep know-how in adult learning and human development?
    (These questions are adapted from research in effective coaching by Berglas, 2002 and Peltier, 2001).

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Late Winter 2012 • Volume 15 • Number 2

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