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Ideas for Leaders Merryn Rutledge, Ed. D.,
Principal, ReVisions LLC
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Merryn's Coaching

With over a decade of coaching and hundreds of hours of work with clients, I am now certifying as both a Board Certified Coach and a Gestalt Coaching Practitioner.

Coaching and Leadership

Effective leaders legitimize professional and personal growth by “modeling teachability, asking different questions, and taking multiple perspectives.” Coaching works in exactly these ways. baldrige_program/2011/12/ what-i-love-about-baldrige.html

Coaching Ideas

• Make coaching available to
rising leaders in order to support achievement of their performance review annual goals.
• If you are new to your position, work with a coach-partner during the first six to twelve months.
• If you supervise someone who needs a performance boost, suggest coaching.

Executive Director Evaluations

A study on what works and what doesn’t: /evaluating-executive-director

Core Competencies in Coaching

From the International Coach Federation: icfcredentials/core-competencies/


A Creative Journey Coaching is partnering with you “in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires” you “to maximize…personal and professional potential” (International Coach Federation). How does coaching work?

Unlike even custom training and leadership programs, coaching focuses on your real, current challenges and desires. What you and your coach work out with is completely yours.

You create and own each coaching session. During each conversation, a skilled coach checks in frequently to make sure she/he is attending to what is genuinely helpful to you and what you want to do. Part of the power of coaching, then, comes from the fact that you own your issues, your coaching agenda, and your decisions and choices.

Well, you might say, “I’m already self-aware and in control of my own choices. Why do I need a coach?” I speak from experience when I say that no matter how earnestly I reflect on some issues that perplex me, I sometimes have trouble sorting things out by myself. At other times, I know I want to make a change--but how?

Your coach is your partner in fully supporting you to make breakthroughs. First, I pay close and loving attention, listening to what you are saying and also to what is embodied, for example in gestures, a rising or falling voice, or a feeling in my body that, reflected back to you, might be useful in your discovery process.

Secondly, I support your exploration by asking questions and making observations about what is happening. Sometimes I offer suggestions. I also use my expertise in group dynamics and organizational systems to provide context that may deepen your understanding and discovery.

Your commitment to your own growth, together with your coach’s authenticity, skill, and knowledge of organizational and human systems, are what guarantees your creative journey.

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Copyright (c) 2012 Dr. Merryn Rutledge.
Early Winter 2012 • Volume 15 • Number 1

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