Coach Plus Team

Our Coach Plus team supports both of our coaching services.

Coaching individual leaders

Your company can offer one-on-one coaching sessions to many leaders at the same time. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a whole cohort of leaders to whom you would like to offer coaching. Leading companies like NASA and Banner Health do this as a regular part of leadership development. Your leaders choose a coach from our team of highly qualified coaches.

Teaching coaching to groups of leaders

We also teach coaching to senior managers, cohorts of rising leaders, and Human Resources teams. While they learn to coach, we support them with one-on-one coaching.

Benefits of a Coach Plus Team

  • We are a one-stop resources for leadership development
  • The highest quality coaching is assured by our experience and credentials
  • Our discovery-based approach to coaching leads to deeper learning and more lasting outcomes
  • We help you grow leaders who stay with you, model, and teach others
  • Because of our holistic understanding of organizational systems, leaders learn to work optimally and live easily in their work context.

Team Members

Merryn Rutledge, Ed. D, GPCC, Board Certified Coach, PCC
Founder and team lead

Merryn Rutledge, Ed. D, GPCC, Board Certified Coach, PCCLeadership coaching is one way Merryn does transformative work with individuals and teams. Merryn also works with whole organizations to strengthen performance management practices, create and teach employee development courses, and guide problem solving, planning, and change.

Kurt Bickel, MA, GPCC

Kurt Bickel, MA, GPCCKurt describes his coaching as transformational leadership coaching. He also has a broad organizational development practice working with individuals, teams, and whole organizations.

Patricia Bright, MA, GPCC, Board Certified Coach

Patricia Bright, MA, GPCC, Board Certified CoachPatricia describes her coaching as Executive and leadership coaching. In her organizational development practice she works in areas that include management and communication skill development and conflict management.

Kay Muller, MN, MBA, MS-PODC, GPCC, Board Certified Coach

Kay Muller, MN, MBA, MS-PODC, GPCC, Board Certified CoachKay is a leadership coach and organizational development consultant who believes that learning is central to the process of change. She works in areas of emotional intelligence, learning styles, and transformational leadership development.

Windows on Solutions

“You changed the whole course of what I want to do at work.”
— Restaurant manager, Burlington, VT