Coaching Individual Leaders

I believe that coaching is integral to ongoing leadership development. In our coaching relationship, you get to address—in real time—your professional challenges, desires, successes, dilemmas, and plans.

Self-knowledge, specific ideas, new behavior, and a way forward emerge from our deep reflection together.

Believing that coaching should be more than just problem-solving or co-planning, we help you explore deeply and co-discover new angles and behavior that, over time, are transformative.

How does the coaching process work? At the outset, you identify an overall purpose for coaching. Sometimes we use assessments to help with self-understanding. Working together, we agree on a number and frequency of sessions that suit your goals and work life.

Typically, sessions last an hour and take place over six months or more.


  • Increase self-understanding that leads to surer solutions and paths
  • Identify and remove barriers that leach energy
  • Resolve issues and challenges that you may have no one else to tell
  • Reduce conflict—including conflict inside you
  • Build a for ongoing support and growth

Coaching Examples

  • The CEO of a national public health organization learned to juggle priorities and work more smoothly with the board
  • The Executive Director of a regional non-profit resolved multiple challenges in a difficult business environment
  • A first-time Executive Director learned how to hire, manage people, and work with a demanding board
  • The CEO of a service company transformed her leadership style and gained job satisfaction
  • The Chief Information Officer of a leading utility company resolved a dilemma he had been unable to talk about within the company
  • A Program Director managing large federal projects learned how to capitalize on her leadership style and “manage up” to the CEO

"We did indeed make large strides... because of your good work and guidance."
— President, national environmental consulting firm