Our Approach
to Coaching and Consulting

  • Results means effective people. Believing that people are the lifeblood of organizations, we want the result of our work to be self-aware, organization-savvy, and caring people working together in well-organized systems where learning goes on and on.
  • Client are partners. We support our clients’ ability to reflect, try new things, learn, and change. We don’t take over; we are your partner.
  • We respond to our clients’ uniqueness. We use a variety of tools for coaching assessment, such as the Center for Creative Leadership 360° assessment and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In our consulting, we choose from a wide variety of approaches and design processes that will help you and your organization learn.
  • We must be deeply knowledgeable, using the best of theory and practice. We believe we can only respond to your needs and the character of your organization by grounding our years of experience in wisdom from the masters in coaching and organizational development. We continually study coaching, leadership, organizational and group dynamics, and guiding change. We do research and scholarly writing to contribute to our fields.
  • Our approach is holistic. We believe context matters. Change in one part of a system influences other parts. We recognize that when we coach and consult, we are not simply “acting on” client systems but are part of the context. We help you understand the complexities of context and attend to interdependencies.
High Standards

"No matter how large the group, each person in the room feels involved in what is going on. She has a calmness about her that invites people to offer their opinions without fear of saying the 'wrong' thing."
— Department Chair, private school, Wellesley, MA